The Forgotten Brother: Geoffrey Plantagenet

Next in our series on the Angevins we’re going to be looking at Geoffrey Plantagenet and his family. Geoffrey Plantagenet, Duke of Brittany Born in 1158, Geoffrey is often overlooked by history in favour of his kingly brothers Henry the Young King, Richard the Lionheart and John. With so many brothers, his father Henry II … Continue reading The Forgotten Brother: Geoffrey Plantagenet

A Good King of England? Re-Evaluating the Lionheart.

Richard Plantagenet was never meant to rule England. His surviving elder brother Henry had been crowned in 1170 to secure the Angevin succession, but the medieval world was a deadly place and his brother died of dysentery in 1183. This led to Richard becoming his father Henry II’s primary heir. Richard Plantagenet With so many … Continue reading A Good King of England? Re-Evaluating the Lionheart.